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How Bored Does Everyone Look By This Topless Model?

Only at fashion week, guys.

Keith Bedford / Reuters

Eventually it would come to this: nakedness as fashion. Marc Jacobs, New York Fashion Week's most important designer, sent a model onto his fall 2013 runway wearing nothing but high-waisted hipster bathing suit bottoms, a jauntily knotted belt, elbow-length Downton gloves, Edie Sedgwick eyeliner, and high heels. The crowd got to sit in stadium-style seating that left their facial expressions on full view, and while a lot of them look like they're clearly Instagraming or Vining something, don't they all look just BORED and not even into it at all? There are only two people up there who look like they're grinning (well one possibly all-out laughing).

Keith Bedford / Reuters

Hardly anything excites fashion people these days. Even a naked person.

Fortunately there's the internet to make up for that.

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