Do NOT Throw Another Party Until You See This

It’s only the best cat- and fashion-themed party ever.

Rather than throw a traditional fashion week party, where people stand around doing nothing but drinking and wearing impractical footwear, Glamour magazine decided to erect what was quite possibly the most major cat fashion installation ever. The decor included a big black cat on the wall, made of shiny tinsel-y stuff.

2. The DJ was strategically positioned in front of the God-like cat.

3. Guests were given cat-eared eye masks.

One of the hot waiters also went around offering people a stamp (the ink kind) that said, “NO BITCHES.”

4. The walls were plastered, collage-style, with images of Karl Lagerfeld’s famous cat Choupette, and other famous cat fashion moments.

Behind the bar, a neon sign said MEOW.

5. Cat mannequins were also erected in one corner of the room.

Instead of “Céline” their shirts said “Féline.”

6. Blogger Susie Bubble hosted one night, and posed adorably next to a photo of her wearing a cat ear hat.

7. And this is what the carbs looked like.


The great attention to detail more than made up for the lack of actual cats here.

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