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Choupette Continues Reign As The Kate Moss Of Cats

This kitty has a lot in common with supermodels like Kate. She's very finicky about food, is excessively groomed, refuses to eat on the floor — and the list goes on.

Following a widely fussed-over photo spread in i-D magazine, Harper's Bazaar has unleashed its feature about Karl Lagerfeld's insanely spoiled cat Choupette. This creature's unrelenting exposure, insanely photogenic good looks, and bizarre lifestyle have in just a few months turned her into the Kate Moss of felines — the girl everyone wants to photograph, the girl no one in fashion would dare insult, the girl who can get everyone to click and look and, ugh, just sigh. The Bazaar feature includes two new photos of the kitty, and another interview with Karl about the cat. Amazingly, despite Choupette being the only thing he's asked about these days, Karl found some new information to reveal about her that further proves how very much like a super model she truly is. For example:

• "She has an attitude like a princess," Karl says.

• The driver takes care of her in addition to her two maids. You know Kate's driver has to do the same those nights she's stumbling around London in the wee hours and needs an accomplice to help shield her exploits from the paparazzi.

• She is fussy about food. Just before Karl's interview, Choupette got sick! Egads! "She had eaten something she wasn't supposed to eat. They had changed her food because she's grown-up now, and the food was not right yet. So I had the doctor come in the middle of the night," Karl tells the magazine.

• She only eats luxurious things served on luxurious plates. "She doesn't like to eat on the floor, so I have to put the food on the table. Her dishes are by Goyard. She has one for water, one for her little croquette, and one for her pâté. You have to serve everything, and she makes a choice," Karl explains.

• She is groomed excessively. Brushing occurs twice daily.

• Everyone in the fashion industry "wants" her. "She's really a stunning beauty," Karl says. "Her eyes are blue, blue, blue, blue, blue. And also her movement is so beautiful."

• She doesn't do her own nails. "The doctor does her manicure. She hates when we do it ourselves. The only time she makes a scandal is then," explains Karl. So it follows that:

• She's not above the occasional temper tantrum.

• And finally, Choupette is like a supermodel because: she expects a lot of attention. "[W]hen I'm working, she sits next to me. And when I want to write letters, she sits on the papers because she doesn't want me to write letters," Karl says. But also it's like, who WRITES letters? Maybe Choupette just wants him to get with the program and pick up an iPad.

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