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Chanel's Paris Headquarters Held A "Bring Rihanna To Work Day"

Either that or she just stormed through the doors with her Instagram photographer and demanded the keys to Coco's apartment.

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Once inside, Rihanna went straight for the staircase. Her Instagram photographers positioned themselves at various points around the building to properly capture the mega fuss this moment would create.


She then pretended to tailor this lady's varsity jacket.

"Checking my designs where #Coco checked hers!!! #imjustdifferent," is how she really captioned this photo. Because Coco would never touch a varsity jacket, see.

Rihanna then got a "history lesson" from this classy older French woman.

Who was like, "I'll just be removing that cigarette from the vicinity of the irreplaceable antiques." While Rihanna was all, "too bz looking in the #mirror."


She also used these photogenic books as a backdrop for an Instagram with Chanel's accessories designer Laetitia Crahay.

Rihanna has to screen all her Instagrams herself because you just can't trust anyone with selecting the proper filter these days.

Anthony Vaccarello was there (because why not). "Just let me cut some huge slits in weird places in your outfit," he suggested. "Trust me on this one."


According to Rihanna, the visit involved dinner.

You're probably wondering where the food is but in Fashion Land, nice wine glasses with various liquids in them count as a meal, no problem.

Karl Lagerfeld would have been in town to hang with Rihanna but he was too busy taking Choupette on vacation.

Choupette, on the other hand, was devastated to have missed out on her dream photo op: posing as Rihanna's bra.

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