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Beyonce's 5 Lessons For A Perfect Beach Day

Put your coconut on ice, duh!

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We're at that point in the season where it's still kind of cold, but also kind of not, making summer seem so close yet so far away. I don't know about you, but since I'm not fabulous enough to jet off to St. Barts whenever I want, I've completely forgotten how to go to the beach. Beyoncé, remind us how it's done?

1. Pack the necessary refreshments.

In this case, those seem to include a coconut in the husk with a hole in it in a purple ice bucket with champagne. (Side note: who are those people in the background? Can you imagine if you were just out on the beach in St. Barts and you loked over and Beyoncé and Jay-Z were sitting next to you with a coconut on ice?)


5. Wear tights in the ocean.

Also, never stop looking longingly into the distance. Or, you know, at the professional photographer that's documenting your every vacation moment for your social media exploits. That's something everyone can relate to nowadays.