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    Beyoncé Joins Instagram With Another Obama Plug

    Follow her @BaddieBey — because I guess "Beyonce" was already taken.

    First there was @BadGalRiri, and now — finally — there's @BaddieBey.

    Instagram: @3e77e6ac285f11e2942f22000a9f140e_7.jpg

    Instead of flaunting weed like fellow diva of the self-assigned "bad" descriptor, Rihanna, she's flaunting her political leanings! Which may or may not be more wholesome depending on your personal views. After Bey's late arrival to Twitter, and Tumblr, it's good to know she's completed the holy social network trinity with this even later arrival to Instagram. So even if Your Guy loses the election, you can at least go to be knowing Instagram has won a THE Beyoncé.