"Allure" Printed Zoe Saldana's Weight On The Cover

Also, she poses nude because that's just how Allure works.

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Here's Zoe Saldana — "115 pounds of grit and heartache," in other words.

Because how best to describe a woman than by her physical stats? Not "Star Trek star," not "first woman of color to cover this magazine since Nicki Minaj in April of 2012," or even simply, "enthralling Hollywood beauty" or some such nonsense. But: presenting Zoe Saldana — she's 115 pounds!

She poses if various states of undress for the magazine. If you prefer to see her bottomless, you can.

Because bottomless is the new topless.

But if you want to find out "why women love wine" you might have to obtain a paper copy of this issue.