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A Simple Guide To Dude Crotch Waxing

Brazilian waxing is hardly a ladies-only pastime. The media — most recently the New York Times — loves to freak out about brozilians, manzilians and even pe-jazzling. Here are the treatments you should know about.

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Price: $125

Where: Bliss (many locations around the nation)

Description: From the Bliss site: "Go for the bare 'man'-imum with The Ultimate He-Wax, which removes all the hair from the pubic region, from front to back and everything in between. (And we mean everything.) Should you want to modify your Ultimate He-Wax, just let your expert esthetician know. Shedding all that furn will 'wax'-imize your confidence, and make you feel so 'hair'-oic, you'll want to shout, 'I have the power!'"


Price: $75

Where: Skintology (New York)

Description: Eugenya Freylikhman, a 55-year-old Ukrainian aesthetician at the spa, told Salon in August of 2010, “We hire only older women for the waxing, like your grandmother. We don’t hire the model drop-dead gorgeous girl. Otherwise men become uncomfortable and afraid.”

Price: $75

Where: Ted D. Bare (San Jose, CA)

Description:What's a Manzilian?! Commonly referred to as a 'boyzilian' or the waxing of one's 'back, sack & crack,' a manzilian is the removal of hair from a man's crotch. Among members of a certain coterie, it is also known as a Japanese sea monster — that breathes fire.”


Price: $70

Where: Face to Face (New York, NY)

Description: One writer described his experience in a 2007 essay called “Do I Dare to Go Bare? One Man’s Journey from Peaches to Nectarines”: “The men’s waxing menu includes such gems as the ‘Marble Sack’, ‘Crackdown’, and ‘Full Moon Rising’ – we’ll let you use your imagination as to the terrain covered by each. I opted for the ‘South of the Border,’ a complete removal of hair from ‘treasure trail’ to undercarriage.”

(Note: The salon also offers a cheaper ($50) "Marble Sac" with Shaft option.)

Price: $20

Where: Face to Face in New York

Description: “Now men can sparkle too with pejazzling!”

(Note: the Vajazzling description on the site reads, “Make your Brazilian sparkle with Vajazzle! Good on a second date or to keep your husband’s eye from wandering.”)

Price: $115

Where: Strip: Ministry of Waxing (New York, NY)

Description: Ramon Padilla, the spa director, tells the Times a boyzilian “accentuates” the male anatomy, “because there’s nothing to obscure the, you know, implement down there.”

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