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    9 Famous Breastfeeding Images

    That Time cover is hardly the first to shock people with the image of a child suckling at the teet of a full-grown woman. Here are eight more famous photos of just that.

    1. Angela Lindvall in a 2006 issue of "Vogue."

    2. Pierce Brosnan and Shay Smith on the cover of the December 1997 issue of "Redbook."

    This is the cover that went out to subscribers — a cover of the trio sans breastfeeding went on newsstands.

    3. A 1993 ad for clothing label Bisous Bisous.

    I have no idea what this tagline means — a kiss is also a sucking action?

    4. Angelina Jolie on the cover of "W" magazine's November 2008 issue.

    This is one of Brad's "personal photos" of his now fiancée. Those artistes, them.

    5. Inside a 1964 issue of "Life" magazine.

    An Israeli mother breastfeeds her baby.

    6. Rachel Feinstein in the May 2010 issue of "Vogue."

    7. The August 2006 issue of "Babytalk" magazine.

    This was kind of controversial when it came out. Gawker noted the image's suspicious lack of visible areola.

    8. Miranda Kerr's unveiling of her son Flynn.

    After model Miranda Kerr gave birth to her first child, she decided to post this image (take by her husband Orlando Bloom, another artiste) of her and him on the site for her skincare line. You know, instead of selling the image to a magazine for an atrocious sum of money, post it on a site that sells things you're trying to profit from.

    9. The "Time" cover.

    So after all those images, how does this compare?