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25 Random Things That Happened At Fashion Week, According To Vine

Carbs were ingested! Models...existed! Video selfies are now a Thing! And Instagram is so, so very over.

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1. This girl collapsed in her bed without reading her book.

But who reads during fashion week? I mean really.

2. People tried to act disinterested in free Maybelline makeup.

But they took it anyway, duh.

3. Models wearing black loitered at a fancy picnic table.

This must have been one of those presentations that's supposed to feel like "you're just going over to a friend's house."


4. Ladies that weren't scarily thin modeled in a runway show.

Diverse body types! It's a miracle.

5. This glass of champagne was idolized.

6. People wore shoes they could barely walk in at Lincoln Center.

7. Someone stood on a runway to sing and pump their arms up and down.


8. This blond woman had to look really excited about bad trail mix.

9. Korean pop stars, Kelly Cutrone, and Bryanboy all mingled before peasants at the Jeremy Scott show.

Peasants who Vine, obviously.

10. Erin Wasson (at least I think that's her) made a hand motion at Miley Cyrus's face.

Backstage ANTICS!!!!

11. This girl made an amazing ironic selfie.


12. And ironically freaked out about her fashion week outfit.

13. Karlie Kloss held a cardboard box in a room with a sign that said "NO STOP."

14. Someone rode a cab to Lincoln Center and felt compelled to share the experience.

Cab ride vines might just be about as interesting as tweets that complain about traffic.

15. This was tagged #nyfw for no reason.

But seems fitting somehow, all the same.


16. Someone wearing a shirt that said "SAVE [something]" sighed dramatically backstage.

Red mylar balloons appeared before Valentine's day arrived.

17. Someone actually ate a carbohydrate-based snack.

18. Models did yoga on a runway.

They probably were just so sick of walking back and forth all the time.

19. Metrosexually attired male models moshed.


20. Four people worked together to affix a blond wig to a model's head.

21. Someone pretended to read the print edition of "Women's Wear Daily."

22. A hockey game somehow tied to fashion week was held at a schmancy hotel.

23. "I love to dress like a tall woman," Jada Pinkett Smith said.

Willow was sitting next to her.

(And yes, she really said that — put the sound on to hear it.)


24. Someone made a fan Vine of static images of their favorite street style stars.

25. A man wearing a headset touched all the models in the Diesel Black Gold Show.