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    24 New Rules For Clothes From The New York Fashion Week Runways

    You have a lot of weird tan lines — and hair thongs — in your future.

    1. Scarves are entire outfits.

    2. And so it follows: fringe can be a fetching addition, not just an outfit-ruining enemy.

    3. Sleeves? Eff those!


    5. Oh and SHOES: They will give you tan lines.



    8. Thongs are not just underwear. They are accessories for hair parts.

    9. No underwear will be allowed.

    10. Takeout containers are the new purses.

    11. Crazy visors continue their reign as A Thing.

    12. No shirts are necessary.

    13. Put a hole in it.

    14. Men's vests are a "DIY with grandma's old dress."

    15. When in doubt, just wear the back of things.

    16. Cocktail dresses should resemble human organs.

    17. Wear dresses over your pants.

    18. Sleeves will be used for storage.

    19. Tight jumpsuits will make you look like a dissection diagram.

    20. Bathing suits will make you look like a basket.

    21. Bags are the new Blue Ivy.

    22. These hats aren't going away.

    23. Bikinis will come with collars.

    24. Bathing suits will be made of bat parts.