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    22 Things That Are Better Than Sex

    According to the Pinterest community, that is.

    1. Great coffee!

    2. Lite Half Iced Tea & Half Lemonade

    3. Chocolate

    4. This Cake

    5. This Cake That's Allegedly Better Than the Better Than Sex Cake

    6. Caketini

    7. Rainbow Cheesecake

    8. Chex Mix

    9. Steak With Butter

    10. Crab Legs With Melted Butter

    11. Smoked Salmon With Fish Egg Garnish

    12. Fruit With Dip

    13. Fruit Without Dip

    14. Snuggling and Talking

    15. Making Words With "Snuggle" as a Base

    16. Peeling the Plastic off a New iPhone

    17. Not Losing Your Cell Phone and Wallet

    18. Sleeping Alone

    19. The Mets

    20. Love

    21. Nothing

    22. But what's REALLY better than sex is... PINTEREST!!!

    Obviously! Here's a video that explains it.

    View this video on YouTube

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