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    I Recently Watched The Movie That's Been Called The "Worst Made-For-TV Christmas Movie" And Here Are My Thoughts

    There's a fine line between "feel-good trash" and actual trash — Christmas Wedding Planner is basically using that line to play limbo...

    Snowy settings, coffee shop meet-cutes and unlikely plot twists are par for the course when it comes to made-for-TV Christmas movies.

    a split screen image of two people on each of their phones

    But no one does this better (or worse?) than the 2017 Netflix Christmas movie Christmas Wedding Planner which is jam-packed with gaping plot holes, unbelievable plot twists, and Joey Fatone

    Joey Fatone in the film

    But Christmas Wedding Planner can't even be saved by Lily van der Woodsen herself — here's what makes it "feel-good trash," and what makes it just...trash.

    a couple about to get married, turned forward and looking at something in shock

    1. Kelsey is pretty likable as a lead character...

    Kelsey, a woman who is the main character of the film Christmas Wedding Planner, looks  nervous. She is wearing a red ribbon around her neck

    2. ...But who dates their cousin's supposedly-evil ex?

    3. The private investigator stuff is an enjoyable movie cliché...

    A couple sit in a van. The woman is laughing while the man looks over his sunglasses - they are on a surveillance mission.

    4. ...The dozens of plot devices that go nowhere are not as fun.

    A woman with brown hair stands outside a house, texting. She's wearing a red coat and smiling.

    5. Kelly Rutherford is in it!

    Kelly Rutherford, a blonde woman, is seen.

    6. So is...Joey Fatone?

    A man in a pink shirt stands in front of a Christmas tree, gesturing at himself.

    7. (SPOILERS AHEAD!) Why does Connor propose to a woman he barely knows, at his ex's wedding, which he managed to get called off about five minutes earlier?

    A couple stand outside a building, about to kiss. She's wearing a red coat, he's wearing a black coat.

    8. ...And WHY do they then get married immediately!? I cannot deal.

    A couple stand in wedding clothes at an altar in a church, kissing. They're watched by another woman in a bridal dress and an older woman.

    Look — I love a bad Christmas movie. Even the really bad ones. And did I enjoy watching 90 minutes of vaguely festive nonsense? Yes. But this film spends about 80% of its time on weird sub-plots and sneaking about, and then 0.3 seconds on a wedding crashing, proposal, and marriage. It's carnage and I don't even think I can recommend it. Unless you really love Joey Fatone, of course.

    Have you watched Christmas Wedding Planner? Let us know what you loved, or loathed, about it in the comments!