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    10 Things That Happened At A 90s Sleepover

    They were talked up all week at school, finally Saturday night has arrived and a handful of tweenagers are ready to rock and roll.

    1. Spend hours picking out the perfect sleeping bag with matching pillow case.

    2. Play this game until an argument arises about who ended up with who.

    3. Spend all of your pocket money on the bee's knees of nineties confectionary.

    4. Make a minimum of four prank calls.

    5. Watch the scariest film that could be stolen from somebody’s house, which was inevitably something like this...

    6. Tell many, many ghost stories.

    7. Read through the problem pages of teen magazines as if they were a holy text.

    8. Have endless hours of fun by manufacturing these beauties.

    9. Debate the exact lyrical content of Hanson’s MMMBop.

    10. And finally, when your parents are fast asleep, creep downstairs and do the naughtiest thing imaginable, watch some of this.