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    9 Ways To Paint Your Floors

    Step up your standard floor with some paint and one of these fab DIY ideas.

    1. Go for the stripes. / Via

    All you need to give your room this classic look is at least one contrasting paint color, brushes, tape and enough patience to apply two coats.

    2. Try a solid color. / Via

    This look is perfect for someone wanting a colorful addition for minimal work.

    3. Use stencils. / Via

    Use stencils to apply an intricate design with ease.

    4. Try a checkered pattern. / Via

    A checkered pattern makes for a great floor design in nearly any type of room, from nursery to home office.

    5. Head for Morocco. / Via

    Add a dose of the Moroccan trend to your home with this design.

    6. Paint a rug. / Via

    Skip the rug section at Ikea and paint your own custom design onto the floor.

    7. Add a game of hopscotch. / Via

    Kids will never get tired to playing a game of hopscotch while walking to their room. Parents can join in on the fun, too.

    8. Paint a chain-link pattern. / Via

    Paint, tape and some sharp math skills will help produce this chain-link floor .

    9. Chevron or bust. / Via

    The chevron fad hasn’t died down yet, so jump right in and add it to your floor.