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A Further 13 Moments That Slowly Make Baristas Want To Die

It's coffee, not brain surgery.

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3. When customers think that then bin has a secret drain inside of it.

Thank you for putting your half full latte in a bin where it will sit until I have to change it and inevitably spill it all down myself.

8. Finding a finished drink that someone has crushed their wrappers/packets into.

Thank you for trying to tidy up but what you don't understand is that I am going to have to fish that dirty coffee tissue mess out of the cup with my bare hands.

9. When people spend £6.20 on two coffees and do not finish them.

To think, you could have had a decent meal for that price and yet here we are, me covered in the coffee you didn't finished because I was crazy enough to think you'd drink it all.

10. When parents refuse to believe I cannot give them boiling water for their baby.

Believe me if it was my choice I would, go ahead, scold your baby. But it really is not worth the earache about lawsuits and accidents from my manager again!

13. When customers think they own the sugar shaker because they've bought one drink.

That's fine, take the sugar shaker to your table. I'm only going to have to go on a wild goose chase when a customer is actually telling the truth about there being no sugar.

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