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Zayn Will Be Back

Don't worry One Direction fans, these heartthrobs are never gone for good.

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Goodbye, Zayn Malik!


Sure, Zayn Malik may have called it a day with One Direction, but if history tells us anything, it's that these boy banders stick together. Fame at such a young age can be really difficult to handle. Don't lose hope, girls of the world; he may return one day, better than ever!

Peace out, Jonathan Knight!


In the late '80s and early '90s, New Kids on the Block ruled the world, but Jonathan Knight abandoned ship in 1994. When the group began touring again in 2008, Jonathan made his return. And now, he looks better than ever!

See ya, Kevin Richardson!


The Backstreet Boys picked up where NKOTB left off. And despite the band's crazy success, Kevin just wasn't feeling it anymore. In 2006, Kevin officially quit BSB, but in 2012, he was officially back.

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