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What You Need To Know About Ontario's New Sex-Ed Curriculum

Get the facts.

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It's a combination of old and new


Ontario's old curriculum was written in 1998. And while it was full of good information that is carried into the new curriculum, a reboot was absolutely necessary. The old one was pre-social media, pre-sexting, pre-full access to anything and all things sexual, and pre-LGBTQ enlightenment.

Everything is age appropriate


Despite what people are saying, your six-year-old will NOT be learning about masturbation, anal sex or oral sex. Young kids will be learning the names of the body parts and understanding that their bodies belong to THEM and no one else.

The curriculum was written by experts


You may have heard that the new curriculum was written by a pedophile. This is not true. Yes, the failed 2010 curriculum was partly developed by a man currently being investigated for possession of child pornography. This is 2015, not 2010.

Your kids will not be taught sex techniques


If hearing the words "anal sex" and "oral sex" made you turn your back on the new curriculum, you should know that these topics will merely be discussed in passing. As in "If you think you can only get STDs from intercourse, you are wrong. Anal sex and oral sex are both risky behaviours." Does that seem like a fact you should leave out of a sex-ed conversation?

Your child will not be encouraged to masturbate


Do you think teachers and the education system are crazy? If you heard this rumour and believed it, shame on you. What WILL be discussed is that masturbation is a natural thing that you don't need to feel bad about.

Your child will be taught acceptance and respect for others


Guess what? Some boys love boys. Some girls love girls. Some kids have two mommies or two daddies. Your child will be taught to respect and understand the differences that exist among us. They will not be walked through, step by step, what it means to have "gay sex". That would clearly be inappropriate for young kids, and educators are aware of this. It is never, let me repeat, NEVER too early to teach tolerance and respect for your fellow man.

Pulling your kid out of school robs them of education


Chances are, sex-ed isn't the only thing being taught that day. Remember math? English? Music? Art? If you plan on pulling your child out of school to avoid the "vulgar sex classes", remember that they will also be missing out on other valuable lessons that day. Some parents, protesting the new curriculum, have decided to remove their kids from class for a week. And when they fall behind, the teachers will take the brunt of the parent anger.

They will hear it, anyway


If you choose to remove your child from class, chances are they will ask to be filled in by their peers, who may or may not have all the right information. Would you rather they get the facts from the teacher? Or the Coles Notes from a buddy?

Education goes past the classroom


You think you can give your child a better education? Go for it. Please! The lessons learned in class should be a jumping off point for discussion in the home. Talk to your kids, now. If your opinion is, "My kid has never shown any curiosity or interest", there's a good chance they are too embarrassed to broach the subject with Mom or Dad. Kids know more than you think; don't be naive.

It's important


You may feel your child isn't ready for sexual education. You're wrong. It's better to be informed early than receive information too late. The class is about health. It's about society. It's about being aware of the body, knowing how to say no to inappropriate behaviour and the diversity that exists in schools. These are all important lessons.

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