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31 Bands That Rocked The Lives Of Canadian Teenagers In The '90s

If you were a teen in the '90s, this is your soundtrack.

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Bush X

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That's right, Bush X. Not Bush. Due to a copyright/naming issue, Gavin Rossdale added the X to Bush and then took Canada by storm. To this day, 1994's Sixteen Stone is still an album worth listening to from beginning to end.


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The Gallagher brothers invaded North America in 1994 with Definitely Maybe, but truly made an impact with the release of What's The Story Morning Glory in 1995.

Pearl Jam

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1991: Ten

1993: Vs.

1994: Vitalogy

1996: No Code

1998: Yield

Enough said.

Presidents of the United States of America

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Who knew that peaches could be so badass? The Presidents had minimal success after their 1995 album, but it didn't matter; Peaches is still stuck in our heads.

Our Lady Peace

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1994's Naveed made all Canadians proud of our budding rock scene. Follow-up Clumsy, released in 1997, only confirmed the band's true awesomeness.

No Doubt

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In 1995, No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom provided an anthem for females from coast to coast; Just a Girl is still a killer song to jump around to.

Nine Inch Nails

NIN proved to teens everywhere that you CAN grind to a rock song; 1994's Closer was that dirty ditty full of swears that you blared when your parents weren't home.

The Offspring

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Smash, released in 1994, gave us all kinds of reasons to rock out. You gotta keep 'em separated.

The Smashing Pumpkins

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We fell in love with Billy Corgan's sweet, angelic voice when we heard 1993's Siamese Dream. Follow-ups Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, and Adore kept the band on top for most of the decade.


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Despite the hated of actually saying the word "Moist", Canadians couldn't get enough of 1994's Silver.


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Does this one even need an explanation?


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Courtney Love was definitely the bad chick of the '90s and girls everywhere loved to crank up Celebrity Skin and dance around their rooms.


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All ex-teenage '90s rock fans still recognize 1995's Santa Monica by just the first couple notes.


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Yes! Aerosmith! They came back with a new sound in 1993, with Get a Grip. And adding sexy Alicia Silverstone to their videos didn't hurt, either.

Any Band from Big Shiny Tunes

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Much Music was at its peak back then and everyone owned all volumes of Big Shiny Tunes. (Like Big Shiny Tunes 2, featuring The Tea Party, Wide Mouth Mason and The Age of Electric)


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If you wanted to get a little nuts, Prodigy had to be added to your playlist (Note: playlist = giant album of CDs).


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1994's Throwing Copper could be one of the best albums of the '90s, with Lightning Crashes being a staple at every high school dance.


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Sadly, frontman Bradley Nowell died of an overdose in 1996, right before Sublime truly hit the big time. Their songs are still party favourites today.

Green Day

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Green Day released FIVE albums in the '90s, but it was 1994's Dookie that truly put them on the map. With songs like Basket Case, Longview and When I Come Around, Green Day cemented their spot in rock history. And they made masturbation seem cool.

Alanis Morissette

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OK, she's technically not a band, but you can't discuss rock in Canada without mentioning 1995's Jagged Little Pill. The entire album can only be described as a rock masterpiece. You Oughta Know was the break-up song to end all break-up songs.

Third Eye Blind

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They may not have been "hard" rock, but in 1997, these guys invaded radios with Semi-Charmed Life and never looked back. Overplayed? Absolutely. Still fun? Indeed.

Blink 182

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In 1999, Blink 182 set the stage for their success in the early 2000s. A naked video for What's My Age Again really caught the attention of fans.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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They opened the decade with Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik and closed with Californication. Not a bad way to spend 10 years.

The Tragically Hip

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The Hip had a five-album decade, providing music for cottage-goers across the country.

Dave Matthews Band

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Breaking into the music scene in 1993, this band didn't hold back, releasing albums in '93, '94, '96 and '98. Crash Into Me is still great baby-making music.


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Not a band known for it's vocal talent per se, but definitely for its unique sound. 1996's Fashion Nugget brought gems like The Distance and a cover of I Will Survive.

I Mother Earth

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Scenery and Fish (1996) went platinum two times over, thanks to the success of One More Astronaut.


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It can be argued that 1991's Achtung Baby is one of the greatest albums of all time, producing songs like One and Mysterious Ways. U2 followed it with 1993's Zooropa and then 1997's Pop (but...don't pay attention to that one).


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So happy to see this band is back and as good as ever. Superunknown, 1994, was a work of art.

Counting Crows

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August and Everything After (1993) and Recovering the Satellites (1996) set the bar for this band, but they never quite captured that magic again.


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The 1994 album Weezer gave us hits like Buddy Holly and Say It Ain't So. It's nice to see that this band isn't slowing down.

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