22 Problems Only People With Resting Niceface Will Understand

Yes, this is a real epidemic and the struggle is real.

1. Everyone says hi to you.

Universal Pictures

Yes, hi, leave me alone please.

2. It seems like you're flirting, but you're actually really uncomfortable.



3. People always sit next to you in public places.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

4. People always expect you to do the right thing.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

Sorry, the doors were already closing.

5. People are confused when you have strong opinions.


"But, you look so agreeable?"

6. Friends and family always think you want your picture taken.

Just drinking a soda big deal...

7. It surprises people more when you say something sassy.


Just cause you look nice, doesn't mean you can't throw some shade.

8. You look like you're on an amusement park ride in all your childhood pictures.

Katie Peiffer/BuzzFeed

The wild couch ride?

9. You get more hugs, whether you like it or not.


10. You get more unwanted advances.


Just cause I'm sitting here alone, smiling to myself, doesn't mean I want to be hit on.

11. You have to try extra hard to look 'casually cool'.

Fox Broadcasting

12. People always ask you for directions.


"This way?"

13. Babies love you.

They have surprisingly tight grips.

14. You get called "sweetie" by strangers more.

Universal Pictures

"No, it's Becky."

15. People are surprised when you play competitive sports.

Come at me.

16. People trust you more.

New Line Cinema

"Why are you giving me this?!"

17. You get compared to small animals and cartoons regularly.

Cartoon Network

"I don't see the resemblance."

18. People don't believe you when you say you're mad. / Via

"No, I mean it."


19. People don't realize when you're breaking up with them.

Screen Gems

This conversation will happen at least 10 times.

20. You're very familiar with the feeling of your cheeks hurting from accidentally smiling too much.

Walt Disney Studios

And then the numbness.

21. People always think you're in a good mood.

The WB

"No really, I had a bad day."

22. And animals flock to you.

Walt Disney Studios

"I hope you've all had your shots..."

All and all, it's not so bad, and let's face it, you're probably actually really nice.

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