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26 Things You Need If The Word "Organization" Just Isn't In Your Vocabulary

Let us teach ya a thing or two about the "o" word.

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1. A pot lid rack and pan organizer rack to do the unthinkable and actually organize these babies once and for all. Gone are the days when going into your cabinet to grab what you need was like attending high school marching band practice (aka a lot of loud ruckus).

Promising review: "This product may have saved our marriage! A simple solution to a complex problem. Our cabinet that held the pans and lids turned into an avalanche of despair every time we wanted to use a pan. We gave up on trying to find the correct lid. Now we have a simple stack of pans in the cabinet with biggest on the bottom and smallest on top with their corresponding lids hanging in the same order from the door on this nifty organizer. My wife is still wondering what to do with the extra time and lack of stress every time she goes to grab a pan or lid." —AmosJK

Get them from Amazon: the lid rack for $15.99 and the pan rack for $14.77.

2. A hanger stacker because what's worse than finally trying to clear your clothes off "the chair" but not being able to grab any darn hangers? This will help you keep them in order so you don't have to have a wrestling match just to get your shit together.

Promising review: "Simple yet effective metal storage rack for clothes hangers. It is easy to assemble, reasonably sturdy, and displays a clean, unobtrusive profile. It has really helped me get more organized and tidy up a previously ugly, tangled heap of space consuming hanger clutter. Did exactly what I needed it to do." —Jinglepaws

Get it from Amazon for $16.30.

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3. A multi-tier organizer so you can arrange anything from spices to makeup. The tiers make sure you can see everything you need while keeping your items in place.


Promising review: "I love this expandable shelf system! Made my messy pantry so much more organized! It doesn't fit large cans but my other spices and pantry items fit! The plastic is heavy and I love that each shelf has a “front” so nothing slides off." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in four colors).


4. A sturdy over-the-door storage unit that won't slam against the door or send the contents you place inside it flying. If you have limited counter space or an over-stuffed pantry, this will be your saving grace.


Promising review: "I recently moved into a senior condo unit which meant a lot less space for storage than what I had been accustomed to in my beautiful home of 22 years. This over-the-door storage unit is a great addition to the kitchen pantry closet. The hangers do not bind or rub against the top of the door frame as I open and close the door, and there is no shifting of the unit rubbing against the door either. The baskets are wider are more stable than the wire rack I was considering. I am planning on purchasing this unit again for use in the laundry area." —CountryBelle

Get it from Amazon for $31.99.

5. A closet organizer if you don't have a closet or just simply don't know how to organize yours — it'll basically do all the work for you.


You can get bins like the ones in the picture here.

Promising review: "This was perfect! I was able to hang all of my shirts on the top rack and the bar didn't bend or anything! There's also a great amount of room for my shoes at the bottom and I had extra space to even put my jeans and blankets on the extra shelves! Recommend for those who don't have a lot of space and for those who need help to keep everything organized." —Kimmy

Get it from Walmart for $37.


6. A magnetic strip to keep your knives in order. You can finally free up some drawer space without sacrificing counter space (meaning = throw out your bulky knife block).


Promising review: "I've never had a magnetic strip before but I am happy with my purchase for a small apartment kitchen. The magnet is strong and this is exactly what we needed to clear up counter clutter." —Carheart

Get it from Walmart for $15.99.

7. A cube organizer so you don't have to live your life in organized chaos anymore. Just build a few cubes and give your items that usually live on your floor a new home.


These are easy to put together and are perfect for your closet but are also nice enough to stand alone. The stainless steel frames are sturdy and hold up to ten pounds.

Promising review: "I LOVE these! I hate organizing, it is surprising that I'm writing a review for something in that field. However, these were awesome and helped create a fantastic closet system. And if I find that exciting, well, it means it's pretty impressive." —Karie

Get six cubes from Amazon for $23.99.

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8. Shelf dividers that'll keep your clothes neat, separated, and visible. This way you don't have to dig for your favorite sweater, which usually turns your folded clothes into one big blob.


Promising review: "These created vertical “bins” for my sweaters. I folded the clothes meticulously at first and it was wonderful. But even now, after getting a bit lax with that, these separaters keep my shelf organized. I can find what I want and I can get it down without creating the avalanche of clothing that used to happen almost every morning. It’s a small thing, but it makes a huge difference in my busy morning routine. Everyone should get some of these." —Christine

Get a pack of two on Amazon for $12.29.

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9. A peg organizer so you can move the pegs around to create a design that best fits your organizing needs. It'll basically be like playing Tetris with your plastic containers.


Promising review: "This was even more helpful than I hoped it would be! With the adjustable pegs and expandable design, I was able to use this in several places in my kitchen. I had originally bought it to help organize my Tupperware, and it worked perfectly. I got another to organize my dishes, and it is exactly what I needed to help organize my kitchen." —DKrout

Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (two pegboards and 16 pegs).


10. A sleek yet functional wall hook to help get your foyer or doorway in order without clunky coat racks that ruin your home's trendy aesthetic.

It comes with simple step-by-step installation instructions and all the necessary hardware to easily mount it to your wall.

Promising review: "I bought this for my kids' coats so they won't be thrown on the entry floor or on the closet floor and I won't have to be constantly hanging coats. It works perfectly to keep this area organized! The hooks can fold in when not in use which is perfect because I hung this in the coat closet and was worried about hooks getting pulled out of the wall since it would be lower and stick out. I also love the modern look!! I am going to be purchasing more for other places I need hooks!" —London8775

Get it from Amazon for $22+ (available in four colors and with three, five, or eight hooks).


11. A mug tree so your cabinets don't look like a mug graveyard. If you have a ton of mugs, might as well keep them safe from breaking by organizing your crowded cabinet, then displaying whatever doesn't fit on the counter.


Promising review: "I love my coffee. I was getting annoyed with my mugs being all over the place so I found this. I use this for my coffee mugs at college. It is super cute, helps with organization, and it’s super strong holding all my coffee mugs." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

12. A Lazy Susan to help *spin* you into organization mode. Put anything your lil' heart desires in the cubbies to keep everything in one place rather than scattered throughout a cabinet.


Promising review: "This is genius for so many things, but I have two uses currently. 1) As a chair-side organizer for tv remotes, medicines, memo pads, pens, and small items I hate having to remove one at a time to clean the table. 2) As organizers inside a corner Lazy Susan cabinet in my kitchen. I keep cleaning supplies, first aid products, and of course spices, etc. I can see EVERYTHING in that Lazy Susan now and because this has five deep compartments each, you can put things in it that will stand up — thus maximizing vertical space in the cabinet." —Fyrebrand

Get it from Amazon for $17.99 (available in four colors).

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13. A bathroom organizer that has literally everything you need to organize your bathroom. It comes with a phone holder, a magnetic soap holder, moveable hooks, and a towel bar just to name a few. Plus, it sticks to the wall with an adhesive and is easy to clean. Can you say perfection?


You can hang it either by your sink or in the shower!

Promising review: "Amazing shelf. Helps you to organize all the bathroom stuff. Adhesive works perfectly. It's very strong, capable of holding a lot of bottles. A big plus is you don't have to drill holes to install it." —Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $29.99.


14. A shoe rack so you can line up your shoes neatly and prevent you from frustratedly screaming "knot again" because you can't find a matching pair.


Promising review: "This is a great storage solution for all of my shoes. Coming from someone who can't be bothered to read most instruction guides, I can honestly say that these directions were to the point and easy to understand (in other words, this isn't an Ikea project). The rack is very sturdy, and it brought some much needed organization to the previous shoe tornado situation in my closet. The tubes are all level, and it doesn't look cheap or plastic-y." —SS

Get it from Amazon for $20.99.

15. Or an over-the-door shoe organizer if you don't have enough floor space for a big and bulky shoe rack.


The hooks should fit all standard door sizes. It can hold 24 pairs of shoes at about three pounds each!

Promising review: "I love the weave fabric and clear viewing window so I can easily grab the pair I need. Also, the generous amount of space for a full pair of shoes in each slot is wonderful. Overall, a sturdy and well-made product." —ValueGrabber

Get it from Walmart for $18.83.


16. A set of six bins to help keep your fridge clutter-free and your food accessible so you don't forget what you have or spill things due to disorganization.


Promising review: "These are great storage containers! My refrigerator was so cluttered I couldn't find anything, these helped organize it. My favorite thing is the cover on the eggs. This way if I need the room I can also stack things on top. I got the whole set for what some people are selling single items for so that's awesome!!" —Kristan D

Get six pieces from Amazon for $34.99.

17. A ventilated cable box that'll tame that wild nest of wires in your living room.

Promising review: "This was one of the best gifts that I have ever received. It's so incredibly simple that boggles my mind that I had not used it sooner. My cables looks so neat and organized that it's an absolute pleasure to look at now." —JW Tuscon

Get it from Amazon for $19.97.

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18. A customizable drawer organizer so you can declutter them and decide how you want your utensils or office supplies organized. Your wish is this tool's command.

This comes with nine dividers (six short and three long) and all the things you need to assemble.

Promising review: "This was incredibly easy to put together and helped me figure out how to organize my drawers in my bathroom. Before I organized my drawers with this product, it was absolutely pathetic and was a huge mess I had no idea what I was doing. Now everything is in its place and I can easily change it if it's not working for me." —Patti

Get it from Amazon for $34.15+ (available in three different sizes).

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19. A portable scanner that'll allow you to import documents instantly so you can create an online library. Gone are the days of huge piles of of papers scattered throughout your house.


Scan documents and photos in color or black and white as either a PDF or JPEG. Then, connect your scanner to a computer (Windows or Mac OS) using the included USB cable and a microSD card up to 32GB (required but not included — you can get one from Amazon for $9.97) to view and transfer your files.

Promising review: "I LOVE this product and have been referring to myself as the scanning queen! I had mountains of paperwork that kept piling up because I didn't find the time to actually file it away. Now it's all scanned and saved digitally for less clutter and easy manageability, I am in love with e-filing! I have been wanting a desktop scanner, but this one is so much more affordable and portable. Can't say enough about how much easier it makes organizing important paperwork for me. Saving images as pdfs takes more memory than jpg files so I leave it in jpg mode, but you do have the option." —Momof2

Get it from Amazon for $77.97.


20. Or if you can't do away with papers, a cascading file organizer you can hang on the wall that won't take up space and will keep you from picking through the trash every time you think you've thrown out an important document (I've been there).


Promising review: "I'm so happy I found this. It's the perfect solution to the bills, reminders, and paperwork that just seem to accumulate and pile up on my kitchen counter. It's not bulky, but it's still very sturdy and the pockets can fit a lot. The bottom clear pocket is the perfect spot to put things you need to be reminded of before running out the door. I love that I can grab the whole thing off the nail and go. I take it to work if I need to pay bills during lunch or call to make appointments, so everything is there at my fingertips. I bought two, and now I have my kitchen counter space back and all my bills and paperwork organized!"—AmazonJunkie

Get it from Amazon for $12.34 (available in three colors).

Take a closer look at the photos and reviews of this wall file organizer.


21. Vacuum-less compression bags so you can efficiently pack or store your clothes without taking up too much room, or more importantly, without needing something to suck the air out. Just pack, zip, and roll!


Promising review: "These are great storage bags. This is exactly what I was looking for. They are so easy to use and so very effective. I use them for closet storage as well as packing where they have tremendously helped in organizing and increasing space. They easily give me three to four times as much space." —FM

Get 12 bags from Amazon for $18.83.

22. An over-the-door mirror armoire that'll neatly hold your jewelry and makeup *without* taking up space in your room or on your desk.


Promising review: "This jewelry/cosmetics cabinet is an incredible piece for organizing your stuff and saving space. There’s room for necklaces, rings, bracelets/watches, and multiple shelves and drawers for whatever cosmetic or skincare items you have. It is well made and heavy but secured easily over the back of my closet door. You can lock the cabinet if you want to keep others out of your stuff. Perfect if you have roommates or siblings that like to borrow without permission. The front of the cabinet is a full length mirror which is useful. There are six LED lights that only turn on when the cabinet is opened to help you see everything in the cabinet. I couldn’t be more pleased with how useful it is!" —Ryan&Liz

Get it from Amazon for $119.99 (available in two colors).

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23. Or just a standard 2-in-1 makeup organizer and jewelry holder to keep all your precious goodies in order so you don't misplace them.


Promising review: "This is jewelry box and makeup box together. There's plenty of room to put all items inside. It has a rings and studs area which is great for me. I can organize them and easily find them when I need to. It also has four compartments for bracelets and necklaces. You can put all your beloved makeup and skin care products on the top and they are easy to see." —Sunnygirl

Get it from Amazon for $21.99+ (available in four sizes).


24. A bag organizer so you can transform your bag from a bottomless pit to Marie Kondo's dream. Plus, you'll never forget anything when switching from bag to bag.

Amazon, Samantha Yang / Via BuzzFeed

Promising review: "I’m terrible at keeping my purse organized, but since I got this organizer I’ve changed my ways. It has many pockets and I can carry so much more with my purse organized." —Aimee Moeller

Get it from Amazon for $7.00+ (available in 30 colors and three sizes).

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25. An easy to install tip-out tray that'll conceal all your sink accessories to keep the space nice and tidy.

The Home Depot

Promising review: "These are fantastic! I installed them on both our kitchen and our laundry room faux drawer fronts to maximize our space and storage for unsightly brushes and sponges. I'm a stay-home mom and the install was NOT hard, but would I recommend using a 90-degree ratchet screwdriver. With this tool and a Sharpie, I was able to make my marks on the hidden side of the drawer front and screw them in. One other tip is to match your screw marks but don't tighten until you are SURE they are all lined up right. Good luck!" —PlayAll8

Get it from The Home Depot for $17.55.

26. A plastic bag dispenser so you can finally get rid of the bag full of bags method that always fails to actually contain the copious amount you've acquired through the years.


Promising review: "I know this is silly, but I LOVE this thing. We used to have all of our plastic bags stuffed into a corner of our pantry, but every time we'd grab one, the whole pile would spill everywhere. It was very disorganized and annoying. I came across this. It's VERY well made, very sturdy, and really does its job well. I would recommend using the supplied screws in addition to (or in place of) the adhesive backing. It needs to be securely fastened to the wall to really work well. But once it's up there and it's secure, you can stuff as many bags as you could imagine into this thing and it works great to keep them in place, organized, and accessible." —Arok5

Get it from Amazon for $14.97.


You after buying all these products:


The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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