16 Of The Most Delicious Meals In New York

Road trip time!


We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite meals in their cities and towns. Here are the can't-miss treats in New York, according to our readers.*

*Stay tuned for additional posts featuring other states around the country.


1. Buffalo mac 'n' cheese from Jacob's Pickles — Manhattan

Submitted by gwynp2.

2. Pho #1 from Pho Hoai — Brooklyn

Submitted by shaydaqueen.

3. Chicken and waffles at Cafeteria — Manhattan

Submitted by madisonv4c09181a5.


4. A hibiscus doughnut from Dough — Manhattan

Submitted by G. Bertolucci.

5. Spicy vegetarian dumplings from M. Shanghai — Brooklyn

"I would literally die for these dumplings. They are the first thing I eat every time I come home." —Sammie Barkan, Facebook

6. Dumplings from Nan Xiang Dumplings — Queens

"Everyone thinks that Chinatown is the best place to go for Chinese in NYC, but Flushing in Queens is a hidden gem for Chinese and Korean, and this place especially! The scallion pancake with sliced beef, shanghai udon, and pan-friend pork buns are my go-to favorites. Cash only, and usually always has a wait, but SO worth the time and effort." —Mariah Masell, Facebook


7. Spicy lamb noodles from Xian Famous Foods — Manhattan

Submitted by G. Bertolucci.

8. Anything from Sticky's Finger Joint — Manhattan

"Literally everything at Sticky's Finger Joint." —joeyc14

9. Mussels from Dirty Pierre's — Queens

"The massive portion is made in this white wine sauce that has a little kick to it, which adds an extra layer of flavor. As if that’s not enough, they are served with fresh-baked bread to dip into the sauce." —michelek


10. The garbage plate from Dogtown — Rochester

Submitted by michellep46a3a2301

11. The Dirty South Taco from Lloyd Taco Factory — Buffalo

Submitted by Alexander Eadie, Facebook.


12. And the garbage plate from Henrietta Hots — Rochester

Submitted by shortyxo.

13. Chicken wing soup from Danny's — Buffalo

Submitted by Betherick85.

Garbage Plate from Nick Tahous Hots — Rochester

Submitted by Megan Rose Fenti, Facebook.


14. Doughboys from Esperanto's — Saratoga Springs


15. Beef on Weck from Charlie the Butcher's — Buffalo

Alexander Eadie, Facebook

16. Buffalo wings from Duff's Famous Wings — Buffalo

"Even Obama came here just to eat wings!" —poorgeorgecostanza

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