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14 Times The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Was Shady AF

Merriam-Webster (n.): the sassiest dictionary on Twitter.

1. When Donald Trump tweeted "unpresidented" (not a real word) instead of "unprecedented."

2. When this person complained about how "chill" Merriam-Webster was for a dictionary.

3. When another person also complained about it.

4. When it changed its header image in honor of the presidential election.


5. When people complained about its "genderqueer" entry.

6. When Kellyanne Conway defended White House press secretary Sean Spicer's false claims about Trump's inauguration by calling them "alternative facts."

7. When it called out a rival dictionary's tweet.


8. When Betsy DeVos, Trump's nominee for secretary of education, confused "historical" and "historic" in a tweet about his inauguration.

9. When it pointed out the most looked-up word in November 2016.

10. When the White House's International Holocaust Remembrance Day statement omitted any mention of Jews.


11. When people complained about the all-female Ghostbusters remake.

12. When "snowflake" became an alt-right insult for liberals.

13. When it was rumored that Trump had paid staff to applaud him during his visit to the CIA.

14. When it tweeted this sassy response to White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Well played, Merriam-Webster.


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