25 Trader Joe's Snacks That People Actually Can't Live Without

See you in the snack aisle.

We asked the BuzzFeed community to tell us about the most addictive snack foods you can buy at Trader Joe's. Here are some of their responses.

1. Chocolate Coconut Almonds

Peanut Butter and Peppers / Via

"I admit I rarely buy these because I will, without a doubt, eat half of the carton on the way home from the store. But when I do, it's the best 15-minute drive of my life." — maggiep


2. Cocoa Batons

"Each bite is smooth and silky chocolate cream enveloped by buttery, crisp wafer. It's perfection." — Alexandria99

3. Multi Seed With Soy Sauce Rice Crackers

Cardio Coffee and Kale / Via

"I could probably eat a whole bag in one sitting." — L1ly00063

4. Bamba Peanut Snacks

"These babies taste like peanut butter but have the texture of cheese puffs. They're so addictive." — biancan489198221

5. Frozen Chocolate Covered Strawberries

"They taste great as is, but they also made a delicious sundae topping!" — lyndsayr42c1074c7


6. Blue Cheese Roasted Pecan Dip

"If you like blue cheese you’ll love this dip. It’s creamy and smooth with a snap of gorgonzola and great texture from the nuts. I could probably eat a whole tub of it in one sitting." — anneo42f4e5e98

7. Mochi Rice Nuggets

"They're crispy, salty, crunchy, and totally addictive." — Steinbeck32

8. Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks

"Chocolate and orange is one of my favorite flavor pairings, but it's so hard to find that combo anywhere else." — kayliev3

9. Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies

"These cookies are amazing. They're not too sweet, and they're addictive." — lexiemasangkay


10. Contemplates Inner Peas

I stock up on a bag of these whenever I go grocery shopping at T.J's. They're crispy and salty but still fairly healthy, and they always satisfy my snack cravings. — Hannah Loewentheil, BuzzFeed

11. Dried Chili Mangoes

"The balance between sweet and spicy is perfect!" — mariamedleyh

12. Pumpkin Spice Joe-Joes

"I wait all damn year for them." — brooklynm41386f22f

13. Milk Chocolate Smashing S'mores


"These are my all-time favorite snack. The little s'mores bites are not too sweet and they're just the right size. But proceed with caution... you might just eat the entire box in one sitting." — lilyr10


14. Thai Chili Lime Almonds

You can add them to salads, but I prefer to eat them straight. They're spicy and citrusy with these fabulous dried kaffir lime leaves. So good." — p45daa1707

15. Mini Cheese Sandwich Crackers

Amazon / Via

These are so savory, cheesy, and addictive, I can eat the whole box in one sitting.— Marie Telling, BuzzFeed

16. Cacao Belgian Dark Chocolate Bars

"You can usually find these by the cashiers. They're cheap but surprisingly very good quality, creamy chocolate bars." — Michelle No, BuzzFeed

17. Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips

"As soon as I saw this TJ's alternative to Doritos, I knew I needed to try them. They taste even better then I imagined, and I can't leave without buying three bags of them." — Gumdrops155


18. Chunky Artichoke and Jalapeño Dip

"It’s everything you love about a spinach and artichoke dip, but kicked up a notch. It's creamy, it has texture, and it packs the perfect amount of heat. It’s especially amazing with TJ’s multigrain pita crackers." — Alissa

19. Mini Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Exploring Trader Joe's / Via

"I bring them to every potluck, and they're always a hit. If you're shameless, pour some into a bowl with milk and eat them like cereal." — oliviawann6

20. Brie Bites

Perfectly portioned, these are a must-have for cheese-lovers. — hannahl470d3d495

21. Scandinavian Swimmers

"They're similar to Swedish fish only sooo much better." — mykaelab


22. Crunchy Curls

"They’re simple but so tasty, and since they're made with lentils they're healthier than potato chips. They’re also great for dipping, especially with hummus." — samanthaadriennec

23. Herbs & Spices Popcorn

Manitou Joe / Via

"It's very difficult not to eat the whole bag at once." — waterfaerie622

24. Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzels

Blue Eyed Bakers / Via

Seriously, what's not to like? — vishalb4

25. Jalapeño Cilantro Hummus

@Traderjoeslist / Via

"It's truly one of the best things in the world. I usually buy the sesame seed pita chips to go with it. Everyone I tell about this dip gets hooked." — ginaf5

Do you have a favorite Trader Joe's snack we didn't mention? Tell us in the comments below!

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