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15 Things That 99% Of Us All Do, But Won't Admit To

Consider them the original life hacks.

1. Storing shampoo bottles upside down so you can use every last Herbal Essence drop:

Twitter: @javimezac

2. And, when you're getting down to the wire, mixing water with the shampoo to make it last a liiiiiittle longer:

3. And of course, doing the same thing for dish soap:

Twitter: @EricaLauraG

4. Plus, rolling up your toothpaste tube like this:

Twitter: @EuNunez


5. And relying maybe a little too much on perfume samples:

Via Twitter: @kmng93

6. And opting out of spending more $$ at the laundromat in favor of nature's perfectly good dryer:

Twitter: @julipandiani

7. Eating your dinner straight out of the pan to cut down on dishwashing:

Twitter: @jiisuuus

8. Filling your wine glass to the brim when you're by yourself:

Or, even more efficiently, just drinking straight from the bottle.


9. Trying to class up your snacks like this...

Twitter: @meri_marilu

Ham and cheese slices never looked so schmancy.

10. Forcing yourself to make — and eat — sandwiches made out of the bread butt slices:

Twitter: @Arantza_Mo

11. Reading shampoo or cleaning product bottles when you don't have reading material on hand:

Stevecoleimages / Getty Images

12. Washing clothes in the shower:


13. Keeping a bag bag:

Twitter: @NathyEne13

14. Giving yourself a quick sniff check when no one's watching:

Twitter: @ArletteTroncoso

*sniffs* Seems fine.

15. And, in a pinch, "converting" tube socks into ankle socks because hey, you're just freakin' trying your best.

Twitter: @ElpecasGT

This post was translated from Spanish.

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