23 NYC Area TV Ads From The 80's That Will Turn You Into A Kid Again

Come with Cookie Puss on a voyage into the past.

The New York tristate area in the 1980s was an amazing time for local TV ads. Let's go back in time:

Who can forget Cookie Puss?

Young People's Day Camp.

Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge.

"Everyone come join the fun at the Westchester County Fair!"

"Crazy Eddie: Where prices are insane!"

"And at the center of it all is the Milford Plaza!"

"Someone made a store just for me! Food Emporium, Food Emporium!"

"Please Mr. D'Agostino...move a little closer to me!"

"Iiiiiiiiiiii Love New Yoooooooooorrrrrrk"

Why did people in New York state need to see ads promoting New York state?

"This is serious. We can make you delirious."

Busta Rhymes even used the hook for one of his hit songs.

Cats. the Winter Garden Theatre.

ShopRite's Can Can.

"I'm really glad they made the Children's Aid Society."

"Nobody Beats The Wiz! Nobody beats The Wiz!"

Let's return to Carvel for a moment: Fudgie the Whale.

The Magic Garden.

Remember the Chuckle Patch?

The Money Store with Phil Rizzuto.

"When your bank says no...Champion says yes."

"The Good Old Good Olds Guys."


Who was that guy?

Action Park.

Did you ever successfully beg your mom to drive you all the way to Action Park?

"Ahahahaha! Raceway Park!"

"Call 588-2300...Empire!"
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