24 Beautiful Little Phrases To Tattoo On Yourself

A tattoo's worth a thousand words.

1. This lovely nod to Maya Angelou.

Instagram: @karinajoyy

2. This simple encouragement.

Instagram: @stefanidesade

3. This shirt and sweet proverb.

Instagram: @1dinkspired

4. This souvenir from Wonderland.

Instagram: @nataliemorguette

5. These heartening priorities.

Instagram: @essena.tattoos

6. This stunning word art.

Instagram: @evilhoecake

7. This gorgeous mantra in cursive.

Instagram: @inshaanali

8. This masterpiece.

Instagram: @artsyshartsy

9. This breathtaking typography.

Instagram: @inkweheart

10. This beautiful sentiment.

Instagram: @vibealoud

11. This strong female character.

Instagram: @abrakadabra1981

12. This lovely little philosophy.

Instagram: @dreamed_dream

13. This passionate phrase.

Instagram: @ashhl0vee

14. This no-nonsense guide to life.

Instagram: @dreamed_dream

15. This sweet encouragement.

Instagram: @amandladee

16. This perk of being a wallflower.

Instagram: @e.r.irons

17. These multi-tasking finger tats.

Instagram: @lindztattooz

18. This inspiring outlook.

Instagram: @santostattoos

19. This vital reminder.

Instagram: @yulia.vita

20. This simple little line.

Instagram: @dreamed_dream

21. This attitude adjustment.

Instagram: @dreamed_dream

22. This heartbreaking Tim O'Brien line.

Instagram: @fuckitsjulie

23. This reason to take risks.

Instagram: @raggededgetattoo

24. This reminder to keep forging on.

Instagram: @1dinkspired
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