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18 Reasons Why We Need The Dog Days Of Summer

The dog days of summer are the best days of the year!

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It's already August, but don't reach for that pumpkin spice latte just yet. Here are 18 reasons why we're loving every minute of the dog days of summer!

Instagram: @pointerprince

This pup may need a few more months to get that perfect glow.

Instagram: @oakleythewondercollie

So many bubbles, so hard to catch them all!

Instagram: @izzy_the_chow

Let's be honest: the bubbles are beautiful, but this floof probably prefers the snow.

Instagram: @gogoharleyandduncan

You can literally see this dog begging for another walk along the beach.

Instagram: @marleyhendryx

There's no better way for a floof to cool off!

Sprinklers are SO much more fun than a bath!

7. Think of all of the new activities you can try during the summer!

Instagram: @charliethegs

PSA for the neighborhood squirrels: this pup learned how to climb trees.

Instagram: @jager_husky

Hiking is much easier with four paws.

8. Drinking from the hose in the fall? Not NEARLY as satisfying.

9. Let's be honest, the accessories are SO much better in the summer.

Instagram: @rockoutwithyourcockerout

Summer is the perfect time to channel your inner BBQ dad.

10. Try using these awesome floats when autumn's here. It's won't be nearly as cool.

Instagram: @poppybasset

Take note: this is how you vacation.

Instagram: @jones_the_aussie

Watermelon has always been cool, but this takes it to the next level.

Instagram: @lonestarpups

Floating with friends is double the fun!

Instagram: @mack

FarmVille fans, meet the real deal.

Instagram: @adventure

Who's a good boy? (Spoiler alert: this dog.)

Instagram: @dcdonniedog

This pup's pineapple game is on point!

Instagram: @bark

Don't worry, this dog is 21... in dog years.

14. Summer is made for chilling with your friends by your side.

Instagram: @simba

The floof-iest friends of all time.

Instagram: @meetmeatball

Don't tell this pup to get out of the water!

Instagram: @chi

Who needs friends when you have a dog?

Instagram: @parkerspups

Summer, please stick around a bit longer.

Instagram: @odd

"Sunset is still my favorite color." - Mattie Stepanek

Hold on to those flip flops and keep the snow boots in the attic as long as you can!

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