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    19 Dogs And Their Sticks Who Will Remind You To Appreciate The Simple Joys In Life

    Why bother with toys when you have STICKS?

    1. This doggo was finally promoted to branch manager.

    2. Everyone knows that the best sticks are BULLY STICKS!

    3. "A stick a day keeps the doctor away" probably isn't true... but we can pretend.

    4. He's not sure which stick you threw, so he's bringing all of them back.

    5. You want the stick? Sorry, it's my stick.

    6. Wait, you can bring a whole tree in the house, but I'm not allowed to bring in one little stick??

    7. This dog won an Olympic Gold Medal in the "Sticks and Swimming" category.

    8. Who needs a toothbrush when you have a STICK?

    9. This stick only looks big because the pupper is smol.

    10. This pup swam across the entire lake for this stick!

    11. Little sticks need love too.

    12. This stick isn't going to throw itself.

    13. First you threw it, now you want it back?

    14. This dog's motto: go big or go home!

    15. The best sticks are edible.

    16. Sharing is NOT caring.

    17. SO. MANY. STICKS.

    18. Life lesson: biting off more than you can chew is a GOOD thing.