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19 Secrets Hotel Receptionists Will Never Tell You

Think we don't notice your late night visitors?

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1. Guest information is highly confidential. So although we never say anything, we notice everything.

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Like that one regular guest who only ever pays in cash and has a fair few late night visitors.

2. Guests who demand an early check in at 9am and get angry when we can't oblige make us hate humans.

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What do you want me to do? Tell someone their holiday's ending early and evict them?


3. Because we're at are the hub of the hotel, we end up making at least one friend in every department.

We prioritise befriending the restaurant staff for obvious free food-based reasons.

4. Hotels often overbook because we know people cancel plans last minute. But when that means we overfill, it's awkward af.

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We hate having to walk a guest to another hotel when we accidentally overfill. It's so embarrassing.

6. Getting the same shift pattern as our work BFF means we can get through any amount of crazy.

We can just about bear 9 late shifts in a row with them by our side


8. If we work near an airport, we often take in flight crews. And that requires a whole world of patience.

9. As does covering the switchboard.

The phones literally never stop.

10. The more a guest demands to be upgraded, the less likely we are to upgrade them.

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There's no need to be rude to us. And besides, it directly affects the quality of your stay.

11. We know every trick in the book when it comes to trying to blag a free stay.

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If there's something wrong with your room, let us know. But lying just makes you look silly.

12. We do the holiday season better than anywhere else.

Christmas in a hotel is so unbelievably exciting.


15. We usually know staff in other hotels which is really useful for getting the best rooms and access to the fancy lounge.

16. If we are taking a while checking you in, it's probably because we're using MARSHA, aka the worst secondary system on this planet.

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It honestly looks like it's stuck in the '90s. And having to type out codes like "-G'Lal\*90210*a" doesn't make life any easier.

17. We spend the week of the mystery audit second-guessing which guest it might be.

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And we up our game, of course. The more stars the hotel has, the more pressure there is to be perfect.

19. And even though the pay is often terrible, we end up forming friendships for life.

Nothing makes people bond like a late night Friday shift and a full house.


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