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    10 Things About Being A Residential Advisor In College

    If you were/are a Residential Advisor well, these may apply


    That annoying knock at 3am when someone gets locked out of their room and you are NOT the RA on duty.


    Having an excuse for most situations..."Sorry I have an RA...meeting..."


    ...or wanting to go to that fun party but have weekend duty instead.


    Trying to remain neutral in any ridiculous situation when you clearly don't care or want to side with one person.


    Coming up with the greatest hall program ever even though no one will show up.


    Getting some pretty cool RA swag.


    it's a 24 hour job...


    Busting a party and feeling kinda badass...


    ...but then realizing the paperwork that comes after it.


    But you know you have a staff you can rely on...for most things<3

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