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    15 Common Meat Myths That Need to be Crushed for Good

    Meat: You love it and yet read so much false information online about it. Next time someone comes to you with these common meat myths, hit them back with the facts.

    1. Myth: Inspectors Rarely Visit Meat Plants

    2. Myth: Meat is Less Safe Today Than It was in the Past

    3. Myth: Meat is Full of Antibiotics and Other Drugs

    4. Myth: Hormone Use in Beef Production is a Health Concern

    5. Myth: Nitrite in Cured Meats is Linked to Diseases Like Cancer

    6. Myth: Animal Welfare in Meat Plants is Not Monitored

    7. Myth: Grass Fed Beef is Safer and More Nutritious than Grain Fed Beef

    8. Myth: Household Ammonia is Used on Hamburgers

    9. Myth: Hot Dogs are Made From Everything But the Oink

    10. Myth: Livestock Have a Greater Environmental Impact than Cars

    11. Myth: Superbugs are Common on Meat Products

    12. Myth: Livestock are Aware and Afraid of Being Slaughtered

    13. Myth: Meat Plants are Rarely Cleaned

    14. Myth: “Meat Glue” is Commonly Used to Create Steaks From Scraps

    15. Myth: Americans Currently Consume Too Much Meat in Their Diet