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Sex And The City: 2 Parts Fantasy 1 Part Reality

Sex and the City taught women everywhere (valuable?) lessons about love, friendship and surviving in New York City—that or it filled us all with a bunch of misguided ideas of how to behave, dress and act.

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The iconic image of the ladies walking four abreast, beautiful, confident, ANNOYING.

New York City is not the place to surround yourself with your posse as you meander down the sidewalk chatting about last night’s hook up. Unlike the sidewalks portrayed in countless episodes, the ones in real life NYC are crowded and busy.

Footwear—first, good luck being able to afford a closet full of Jimmy Choos. Second, have fun prancing across the city in them.

She also probably had a lot of blisters and chronic pain in her feet.

New Yorkers walk. Tourists walk. Everyone walks pretty much everywhere in the city. Unless you’re just visiting and indulging in a Sex and the City bus tour plan on wearing flats (NOT running shoes, unless you are going for that touristy look) or Converse.

Also keep in mind there are grates all over. Not ideal for heels, that’s for sure.

Speaking of a Metro Card...

These ladies never took the subway. This is not realistic. Four million people use the Subway on a daily basis. If you move to New York, you’ll probably be one of them—or an anomaly.

The closest these ladies ever got to public transportation was boiled down to a single memorable experience involving this bus and a little artistic license.

How about finding a group of fabulous friends?

That is so easy. Said no one ever.

In a super informal poll of my office we determined making friends, real friends is far more difficult than finding a date.

In a perfect storm of events Carrie met Samantha and the girls, but unless you also get robbed your first day in New York, call a cousin of your ex-enemy to pick you up (Samantha) and then receive a phone call from a woman who found your stolen purse (Miranda) and meet your fourth and final friend (Charlotte) on what appears to be the only time you ever rode the subway, good freaking luck.

Go to a bar like the rest of us and hope for the best.

p.s. my mom told me to go to the library too, in my experience, that is not a lucrative option.

What about the sex?


According to author Karyn Bosnak, New York women average about twice as many partners compared to the rest of the nation.

Women in other parts of the country tend to get married younger, while in New York being single in your 30’s isn't much of an oddity. So while the national average sits around nine, the 18 men Carrie and Charlotte slept with isn't so outrageous. Nobody is surprised with Samantha’s tally (41). Miranda brings up the rear (17).

So while you should probably come to terms with being broke, owning more knock offs than designer footwear, and making regular use of public transportation, at least you can look forward to getting laid.

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