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Life Lessons Brought To Us By Truckers

They are a well spring of knowledge, everything from avoiding bears and efficient peeing to lookin out for lot lizards and cracker heads.

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Turns out a shocking number of people drive without pants


Some people seem to believe that once they get in their car they are invisible to prying eyes, or maybe they subscribe to the belief of 'if I can't see you, you can't see me'?

Plus look at all the awesome references they have for cops


Smokin' scooter: a cop on a motorcycle

Smokey or smokey the bear: highway patrol

Taking pictures: a cop with a radar gun

Evil Knievel: motorcycle cop

Bear in the bushes: a cop that's hiding from view with a radar gun

Bear bite: a speeding ticket

Mama bear: female officer

They're not all pee slingers, but if you'd seen half the things they have, you'd maybe want to throw some pee on occasion too


That's just one aspect of the craziness that can occur at truck stops. Between the cracker heads (meth users) and lot lizards (truck stop prostitutes) truck stops can be

Something else to consider: You never know what they could be carrying


Obviously you wouldn't want to get in an accident with a rig, but you really don't want to get into an accident with this particular rig.

Unfortunately, like every other part of our society, there are some weirdo in the trucking industry

The internet is full of stories about truckers who picked up young girls hitchhiking--not for whatever reason you're thinking right now--but because they are a father with a daughter at home. These family oriented guys are just one fraction of the trucker population though, so you probably should just, you know, not run away from home at the age of 14.

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