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    18 Mugs Every Fan(dom) Will Appreciate

    Where the love of tea/coffee and fandom obsessions collide...


    1. For anyone who loves the 11th Doctor

    Rabbit Meadow Studio / Via

    ...who will always love bowties.

    2. For the Star Wars classicist

    Lenny Mud / Via

    ...who appreciates the special effects.

    3. For the person who should have received a Hogwarts letter

    Too Legit to Knit / Via

    ...and is not at all bitter about it.

    4. For the Sam & Dean fan

    ...may you never have to choose.

    5. For those who always bring a pineapple to a house warming

    Canis Picta / Via

    ...and appreciate a good hand-to-head reading.

    6. For the person who, no matter the season, knows that American Horror Story takes precedence on Wednesday night

    Online Custome / Via

    Season 1 all the way.

    7. For those who want Khal Drogo to magically return (Season 1 forever)

    Lucky Sky Designs / Via

    ...even though that did not quite work out the first time.

    8. For those who are Walking Dead

    Blondie Zombie Art / Via

    9. For the Tumblr aficionado

    Little Geekery Shop / Via

    ...who scroll, scroll, scroll, like, scroll, reblog, scroll, scroll.........

    10. For the Clone Clubber

    Symmetrical Pottery / Via

    ...who doesn't understand why you are not watching Orphan Black.

    11. For the child in everyone

    JudiCreates / Via

    ...who can spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards.

    12. For the person who was gifted with a bow and arrow for the holidays

    Cuppa Charisma / Via

    13. For the person who lives at 221B Baker St.

    Knotwork Shop / Via

    ...and gets bored! BORED!

    14. For those with a Charming crush

    Wake Me Up Designs / Via

    ...and who root for Hook and Emma.

    15. For the Criminal Minds fanatic

    ...who always appreciates Reid's dorky adorableness.

    16. For the person who can never say "pivot" the same way ever again

    Cool TV Props / Via

    How you doin'?

    17. For those who need coffee in an IV

    TooLegitTooKnit / Via

    ...Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

    18. For...BAZINGA

    Busy Bees Print / Via

    Long live the fandoms.

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