14 Reasons Why The Quokka Is Just So Gosh Darn Happy

And you know what, why SHOULDN’T it be?

1. Because it’s a B-E-A-UTIFUL day to have snacks on his nose!

2. Because he finally found a leaf big enough to cover his parts!

3. Because she’s hand-jiving while watching “Grease”!!

No, YOU’RE the one that I want!

4. Because she just farted after feeling gassy all morning!


5. Because he remembered to get munchies before trippin’!

6. Because after trying countless times, she finally got your nose!

7. Because she’s dreaming about Ryan Gosling!

8. Because he’s encouraging his son to ask a girl to his first middle school dance!

9. Because he’s going door-to-door raising money for a good cause!

10. Because she just found out she got into her dream school!!


11. Because he’s just zonin’ out, man!

12. Because this time she farted on her friend! Punk’d!

*poot* x2

13. Because he knows what he’s got and ain’t afraid to flaunt it!

14. And because she just pranked you good, you gullible son of a gun!

Eh? Eh?

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