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11 Gorgeous Images Of Disney Princesses Reimagined As Muffins

Cinderella is blueberry, Belle is bran...we're hungry!

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I was babysitting (at night, the baby was asleep, don't worry LOL!) and wasting time on Buzzfeed when I saw the other article. I thought, "hey, what if they all had muffins for faces?" Also, I had a lot of real work I was supposed to be doing so it made perfect sense to sink a few hours into this project. I fired up the old Google-box, found a free photoshop program online and got to work. I really didn't realize how beautiful and breathtaking they would turn out, but I guess Michelangelo probably said the same thing about the Sistine Chapel before it was done.

The truly groundbreaking and artistically masterful images can be found below.

Princess Cinderella Muffin / Via

Cinderlla's blueberry muffin face is representative of the golden life she now leads as a princess and the fact that the coals or "cinders" she grew up in are still a part of her, sprinkled throughout at a delicious frequency.

Princess Aurora Muffin / Via

A corn muffin replaces this Princess's face as a reminder that high fructose corn syrup infiltrates an astounding amount of our processed foods and is causing diabetes at rapid rates. Falling into a diabetic coma is no joke, as surely Aurora can appreciate.

Princess Tiana Muffin / Via

Princess Tiana is a mixed berry muffin because, "I have not seen this Princess's movie but based on her picture she seems fun and spontaneous, much like a mixed berry muffin," says the incredibly talented artist.

Snow White Muffin / Via

In retrospect, Snow White really should have been an apple muffin rather than a chocolate chip one, but Lijek is "too hungry to really care at the moment. Do you think I can order just one muffin on Seamless? I mean, I definitely want more than one, I'm just curious, mostly. How much do you tip for one muffin?"

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