Twisted Thrifter.

Hello, I'm Amelia. I love to take hideous, discarded old vintage pictures that I find in thrift stores and change them into something nefarious with bits of colored paper and glue...

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Next came Sharknado. This is a real painting, not a print, which only adds to its incredible awesomeness IMO. This hangs over my washer/dryer, making the ungodly chore of doing laundry just a little bit more fun.

Here's the FUN part!! Today I put two of my TwistedThrift art works up for auction on IG under my personal account @oneinamelia. The ones I chose are Firestarter (seen above) and Thomas Kinkade Crime Scene. These two beauties could be yours! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the proceeds of these two auctions will go to the floundering art program at Edgemont Elementary in Provo, Utah. They are currently trying to raise TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

The family is divided on this one, should a car be suspended in mid-air having just drove off the cliff? Should Tony Stark's house be perched on a ledge? Should the Starship Enterprise be floating in the background? Is Starship one word? (Sadly, this one is not up for grabs. But selfishly, I'd love your input.)

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