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    Lil Bub's Vines Are The Best Vines

    Because Bub. Duh.

    This is Lil Bub.

    Last week, she and her Dude made the decision to join Vine.

    Bub was generous and used her first Vine to show off her adorable feline brothers and sisters.

    But it wasn't long before the real star took over.

    It took Bub's Dude a little while to get the hang of Vine.

    But it wasn't long before the high quality vines started flowing.

    Look at that tongue action!

    Bub just being Bub.

    The dramatic tension in this vine is truly outstanding.

    A masterful piece of filmmaking.

    Sometimes Bub brings us on her great adventures.

    Hitting the town. Or at least the sidewalk.

    And sometimes we get TWO BUBS AT ONCE!

    After a long day of being the most special cat on the planet, Bub gets pretty tired.

    This is one of Bub's more avant-garde vines.

    The use of the mirror here seems to have some important psychoanalytic resonances, no?

    Here, Bub experiments with a new camera technique.

    Bub's most recent vine is entitled "conversations with BUB - PT I"

    I think I speak for everyone when I say we are on pins and needles waiting for the next installment of this intriguing conversation.

    Basically, Bub's vines are the best.

    Oh, and here are some photos of Bub as a kitten for good measure.