15 Alpacas Preparing For The Apocalypse

The alpacalypse is coming. Here’s how these guys are getting ready.

1. Growing out a coat to stay warm.

2. Helping comfort their human friends.

3. Forming interspecies alliances.

4. All kinds of interspecies alliances.

Because in a time of crisis, two animal minds are better than one.

5. Having one last “good time” just in case.

6. Gaining strength from their favorite foods.

7. Practicing their sprinting skills.

8. And their jumping skills.

To try to get to higher ground.

9. Making jokes.

Because humor helps lighten the tension of knowing the world is going to end.

10. Huddling together for warmth.

11. Napping to conserve energy.

12. Looking for a sturdy shelter.

Where they can hunker down.

13. Warning all their friends.

14. Making sure you’re following them to safety.

15. And then just relaxing.

Because they know they’ll be ready no matter what.

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