Haunting And Inspiring Images Of Survivors Of The Utøya Massacre

These images are both amazingly breathtaking and immensely heartbreaking.

1. Norwegian photographer Andrea Gjestvang recently won the L’Iris d’Or at the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards for her series “One Day in History,” a collection of portraits of the survivors of the 2011 attack on a youth camp in Norway.

The L’Iris d’Or is the competition’s top prize, with over 100,000 entries competing for the honor.

2. Gjestvang explains her project by writing,

In Norway, the 22nd of July 2011 has etched itself into the collective and private memory forever. That day, a car bomb killed eight people and damaged the executive government quarter in Oslo. Few hours later, 69 young people were killed at a summer camp on the island of Utøya. The camp was organized by AUF, the youth division of the ruling Norwegian Labor Party.

Around 500 survived the massacre, of whom many were badly wounded. More than half of the survivors were children and youths under the age of 18. They have returned to their daily lives now. They go to school, they hang out with friends and they fall in love. They go to bed every night and look at them selves in the mirror in the morning. But something has changed. The young survivors will live on with their scars — both visible and mental — many of which may never fully heal.

3. Eirin Kristin Kjær, age 20

4. Marius Hoft, age 18

5. Iselin Rose Borch, age 15

6. Cecilie Herlovsen, age 17

7. Ida Karoline Broholm, age 21

8. Alexander Sandberg, age 16

9. Hanne Hestø Ness, age 20

10. Natia Chkhetiani, age 23

11. Victoria Froeyd, age 18, and Sofie Nilsen, age 17

12. Håkon Roalsø, age 18

13. Anzor Djoukaev, age 17

14. Cathrine Gjerdingen Larsen, age 17

15. Eivind Rindal, age 23

16. Mohamad Hamed Hadi, age 21

17. Aina Helgheim, age 19

18. Ina Libak, age 21

19. Ylva Schwenke, age 15

Be sure to check out the full series.

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H/T The Guardian.

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