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    26 Animals Expressing How You Feel About The Sweltering Temperatures Right Now

    It's. just. so. hot.

    1. This dog who is trying but just can't.

    2. This horse who isn't even sure where he is, but it's a little more shady in there, OK?

    3. This tiger who heard someone wanted to make him get out of the pool.

    Don't even try it.

    4. These bunnies who can't even deal with consciousness in this heat.

    Too hot to think.

    5. This dog who knows what's up.


    6. This cat who needs to come inside AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

    Plz help.

    7. This dog who can feel himself floating back to the surface and is terrified PLEASE NO MORE SUN.

    8. This cat who is SO thankful this hammock has some air flow, at least.

    9. This cat who heard you were thinking about turning off the air conditioning and just opening the windows.

    And she will cut you if you do.

    10. This tiger who NEEDS this right now.

    11. This cat who has just given up on being comfortable.

    Stop trying to make comfort happen (in this heat). It's not going to happen.

    12. This cat who is desperately trying to figure out how to turn this fan on.

    13. This dog experiencing nirvana.

    14. This dog who is NOT happy about how much water is missing his face.

    Seriously, aim better! He needs that sweet sweet relief.

    15. This lion who is actually melting into this tree branch.

    16. These cats who recommend that you put together this AC unit RIGHT NOW.

    Or else.

    17. This dog who is done.

    Just... no more.

    18. This dog who is so overwhelmed by wonderful feelings at this exact instant that she can't even deal.


    19. This dog who is LITERALLY on the verge of tears at the thought of getting out of the lake.

    20. This dog who is trying to pant but can't even, it's too hot for that.

    21. This bear who needs the shade to stay right where it is, thank you very much.

    22. This dog who is PRAYING RIGHT NOW that the heat will stop.

    23. This dog who doesn't even care how this looks, it feels so good.

    24. And this guy.

    Who can't. He just can't.

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