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    16 Would-Be Handymen Who Desperately Need Professional Help

    DIY home remodels aren't for everyone.

    1. The guy who figured a little duct tape would be good enough to hold this A/C unit.

    2. The person whose sink just misses the mark.

    3. The guy who just wanted to add a little more square footage to his home.

    Actually, maybe this is genius. Haven't really decided.

    4. The guy who doesn't really understand how corners work.

    5. The guy who hasn't realized that lawn debris doesn't really make for a good accessory.

    6. The person who doesn't understand why you'd spring for all new plumbing when a handy water bottle will do.

    Water bottles hold water. Pipes hold water. Same thing, no?

    7. The person who thinks a well-placed cut-out can solve everything.

    And you can pass notes to whoever is on the toilet!

    8. The guy who is going to make the most of this awkward wall, safety be damned.

    9. The guy who really values natural light, because that's what those cracks are for, ok?

    10. This person who plans on ordering a lot of takeout.

    11. The person who knew that buying superglue in bulk was a good idea!

    12. The person who just needs to do a little patch-up in the shower.

    13. The person who doesn't even know what's happening to her floor, but maybe let's just ignore it?

    14. The guy who figured he'd just install the last few tiles himself.

    15. The family who knew those extra dining chairs would come in handy.

    Now everyone can see the TV! Except when the whole setup inevitably crashes to the ground, that is.

    16. And this dog, who just isn't very efficient when it comes to replacing wallpaper.

    Step up your game, dog.

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