14 Animals Who Are Here To Cheer You Up

Been feeling down lately? Don’t worry. Here are some kind creatures with positive messages to help you get back in the swing of things.

1. This cat thinks you are extremely beautiful.

And she’s shocked to hear that you could possibly have thought otherwise.

2. This seal thinks you tell the funniest jokes.

He still repeats that one about the rabbi and the priest to all his friends.

3. This cat thinks you’re a really great listener.

That’s why he loves talking to you on the phone.

4. This dog thinks you’re super stylish.

You inspired her to branch out and get some cool new clothes.

5. This cat loves your cooking.

She can’t wait to try your latest recipe.

6. This rat thinks you give the greatest gifts.

He’s really enjoying that new book you got him for his birthday.

7. This dog thinks you’re super smart.

She’s been poring over her textbook all day trying to understand that interesting scientific phenomenon you told her about earlier.

8. This deer thinks you tell the greatest stories.

Her ears perk up as soon as she hears you start a new one.

9. This dog loves how helpful you are.

You’re always willing to give him a lift when he needs it.

10. This cat enjoys hanging out at your house on the weekend.

She loves to play that new video game with you.

11. This panda thinks of you as a role model.

He looks up to you, literally and figuratively.

12. This elephant gets really excited every time he sees you.

He’s rushing over to say hello.

13. This horse thinks you’re really compassionate.

And she says you give really great hugs.

14. This fish smiles every time he thinks about you.

He can’t help it — you really mean a lot to him.

In conclusion…

You’re fabulous, and these animals won’t let you forget it.

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