12 Unanswered Questions Posed By Your Favorite 90s Music

There are just some things the world may never know.

1. How exactly does one “zig a zig ah”?

I really really really wanna…

2. Speaking of the Spice Girls…where can I get a bus like this?

From the Spice World movie.

3. Why is 15-year-old Mandy Moore allowed to drive a car?

In the video for “Candy.” No way it was legal for her to be driving all of her friends, even if she did have a license.

4. What Catholic school would allow this much midriff?


5. Who, exactly, is Becky?

Oh my God, Becky…

6. Who did let the dogs out?

I know, the Baja Men released this song in 2000, but there’s an earlier version from 1998 so it counts.

7. What are the actual lyrics to the “MMMBop” chorus?

Mmmbop, da ba doo bop, ba da da da, mmmbop, da ba doo.

8. Who will sa-a-ave your soul?

Why won’t you just tell us, Jewel?

9. Is there a specific way to get jiggy wit it?

Side note: I really miss Will Smith’s rap career…

10. Is there anything Right Said Fred isn’t too sexy for?

Also, what happened to Right Said Fred?

11. Who got the boy, Brandy or Monica?

And did he get any say in it?

And most importantly…

12. Did someone really think Justin Timberlake’s hair looked good like this?

Come on, people!

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