10 Strange Records Broken On Guinness World Records Day

Thursday was the eighth annual Guinness World Records Day, with over 420,000 people making record attempts. Here are ten of the weirdest, most impressive records that were set.

1. Most people flapping their arms simultaneously

Over 400 students, faculty, and alumni at St. Joseph’s University in Pennsylvania flapped their arms up and down for five minutes in honor of the university mascot’s signature flapping move.

2. Most people fit in a Mini Cooper

These 28 women (all gymnasts, naturally) crammed themselves into a Mini Cooper.

Here they are inside the car, celebrating their achievement.

3. Fastest 100 meters run on all fours

Japan’s Kenichi Ito completed 100 meters on all fours in just 17.47 seconds. Let’s see Usain Bolt do that.

Here’s video of the winning attempt.

4. Most weight lifted using only eye sockets

England’s Manjit Singh lifted just over 51 pounds using only his eye sockets. I’m in pain just looking at this picture.

5. Most pairs of underwear worn at once

Steve Jacobs put on 266 pairs of underpants to set a new world record. Let’s hope he doesn’t get a wedgie.

6. Longest didgeridoo note blown

15-year-old Lachlan Phelps of Australia (obviously) held the same note on a didgeridoo for 65.6 seconds.

7. Longest time spinning a basketball on a toothbrush

Michael Kopp, 18, spun a basketball on a toothbrush held between his teeth for just over 26 seconds.

8. Most marshmallows caught with chopsticks

In just one minute, Joe Alexander caught 15 marshmallows using chopsticks from a distance of 2 meters.

9. Largest Kaikottikali dance

Over 2,600 women in Mumbai participated in this traditional dance, a popular folk dance in the Kerala region of India.

10. Largest chocolate coin

Perhaps the most delicious record of all. Created in Bologna, Italy, this coin has a diameter of 196 centimeters and a thickness of 17 centimeters.

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