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    19 Memes That Show How India Is YOLO-Ing To The Good Old Days Despite The COVID-19 Surge

    "Yeh Maldives ka coupon code hai kya? Har koi udhar hee ja raha hai."

    1. This is the new norm of life.

    2. Or this, to be more precise.

    3. Apart from Covid-19, this is another gham haunting us.

    4. You must ask this before heading out for any sadventure this year.

    5. Or this.

    Yeh Maldives ka coupon code kya hai? Har koi udhar hee ja raha hai.

    6. Or this may happen to your hometown as well.

    7. This is how you mull over during unprecedented times.

    8. This is not how standing in the queue looks like.

    9. And this isn't how you ward off evil either.

    10. This is how you do it.

    11. Those that still don't understand should probably be directed to this savage shopkeeper.

    Today I saw a man wearing a mask on his chin shouting at a shopkeeper, strangely asking him to watch YouTube videos to learn how to run a store better. A while later the shopkeeper opened YT on his phone and played a video called "The right way to wear a mask" and lost a sale.

    12. This is another reminder that ears and mouth are different organs.

    13. This love for corporate slaves should be reserved for next year.

    14. The same goes for weekend plans.

    15. This is another thing you must quit whining about.

    16. This isn't helpful if you think about it for a minute.

    17. This night patrolling is for your own safety.


    18. This informed ignorance is indeed perplexing.

    19. And this may feel like an unending wait, but please hang on for a few more days.