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    14 Hilarious Book Reviews From Very Concerned Readers

    Only books could make people ~ feel ~ this much.

    1. When the Dark Lord took it personally.

    2. Or when he came to support another baddie.

    3. When this person made the effort.

    4. When they were desperate for an answer.

    5. When this reviewer kept it short.

    6. When they offered this helpful summary.

    7. When they couldn't resist repeating their true feelings.

    8. When novels jeopardized their only source of happiness.

    9. When they couldn't take shit anymore.

    10. When this reader was sick of the vicious cycle.

    11. When one-line description was adequate.

    12. When they couldn't hide their true admiration for their fave characters.

    13. When god himself intervened.

    14. And when this review surpassed medical science.