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What Should You Make For Dinner Tonight?

Life is stressful, let us simplify your dinner choice.

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How are you feeling?

a) I have lots of energy, I'm ready to get to work

b) It was a long day and I'm tired

a)-->Great! Keep going

b)-->order chinese takeout

What's in your fridge?

a) Some veggies, some protein, and some milk

b) bread

c) salad dressing and condiments

a)-->You are on your way to tasty town

b)-->Ok, we can work with that

c)-->Call your friends up and go out to eat

Do you feel like being healthy today?

a) Yes, I worked out today

b) I want a one way ticket to carb city

c) I want my vegetables with cheese

a) -->Onward my friend

b) -->have a grilled cheese, if you want to get fancy, roast some tomatoes, use fresh herbs and add garlic to the butter before you put your bread in the pan.

c) -->Do not fear, we will find you a tasty meal you can feel good about

Are you in the mood for Italian?

a) yes

b) no thanks

a)-->Mama Mia, have a pizza!


less healthy-->

b)-->keep trudging

How does Asian sound?

a) yummy in my tummy

b) *yawn*

a) Excellent, enjoy these fine dishes.


less healthy-->

b) Ok, maybe something more American perhaps?

Would you fancy a burger?

a) now you're talking

b) this is getting old

a)-->You made the right choice my friend

b)-->ok, one final shot


less healthy-->

Would you prefer some comfort food?

a) Eureka! You cracked the code

b) no

a) Your patience will be rewarded with these tasty treats


less healthy-->

b)-->Hit up your favorite local joint

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