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    36 Home Improvement Essentials For Less Than $20 That'll Make A Noticeable Difference In Your Life

    Your place can look like an HGTV after-shot for less than 2,000 pennies.

    1. A swivel grout and corner brush in case you’re tired of getting on your hands and knees to to clean corners and grout line. This handy tool attaches to almost any broom handle, making it easy to reach all those pesky spots without breaking your back.

    2. Stair decals perfect for anyone looking to jazz up their stairs without breaking the bank or committing to a major renovation. Simply clean your stairs, peel off the backing, and press the decal onto the riser. It's that easy! In just a few minutes, you can take your stairs from drab to fab.

    the white and black chevron patterned riser

    3. An all-in-one spackle kit here to fix that hole in the wall you made when you decided to rearrange your whole bedroom at 3 a.m. This kit comes with everything you need to fill, smooth, and repair those pesky dents. Gone are the days of needing to be a DIY expert like Bob the Builder to tackle home repairs!

    4. A kit with power scrubber heads, which attach to your drill to do all the hard scrubbing for you — that way, you can save your elbow grease for popping open a bottle of wine after a long day of cleaning.

    5. A jaw-drop-worthy fireplace cleaner kit that won't make you crawl back under the covers at the thought of cleaning all that soot and grime. With this nonabrasive cleaner, all you have to do is apply, rinse with water, and wipe it off.

    A fireplace before using the kit, that looks like gray brick with a huge black stain from the pit to the top of the mantle. Then after the kit, with red brick and no stain

    6. A roll of vinyl tile stickers sure to brighten up your home and make you feel like you're on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This wallpaper is also renter-friendly since it doesn't leave behind any sticky residue.

    the white and blue Moroccan style tiles

    7. A hard-water stain remover for when you're getting ready for work and step into the shower just to be greeted with a...erm...not-so-pleasant sight. Apply this solution, let sit for a few minutes, and finally scrub away that brown stain that's been staring at you for weeks.

    8. A drawer organizer set capable of working wonders for your makeup vanity that's turned into a junk drawer. With just a little bit of effort, you can turn chaos into a Pinterest-worthy pic.

    the five compartment drawer organizer containing makeup products

    9. A hardwood floor cleaning spray that'll have your floors so sparking clean you could eat off them (please don’t try though). With just a spritz of this magical solution and a quick mop, your floor will shine brighter than a disco ball.

    10. foaming cleaner if “rank” isn’t a strong enough word to the describe the state of your garbage disposal. Not only does this cleanser get rid of that funky smell, but it also cleans the underside of the splash guard, which is often overlooked in the cleaning process.

    blue foaming cleanser pushing its way out of the sink drain

    You just pop the packet down the drain! Can't get any easier.

    Promising review: "Easy to use. I followed directions, and it works just like it says. I only use this once every month now. First use I had to do it twice (which it says if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while you may need to). Weekly I follow up with the Glisten garbage disposal freshener and that keeps my disposal working well and smelling great." —Lostbraincell

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $8.16.

    11. Some ~vibe~rant color-changing light bulbs to add a little spice to any room with your fingertips. Program them to change with the beat of music and even control the intensity all from your phone.

    12. A set of gold cabinet handles, aka one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to upgrade the look of your kitchen. It's as simple as unscrewing your old boring handles and screwing in your new, elegant golden ones. And at a price point of around $1.65 per handle, you can't beat a complete kitchen transformation for under 20 bucks.

    The reviewer opening their cabinet with the gold handle
    The reviewer's kitchen cabinets with the gold handles.

    Promising review: "These look great in my kitchen, adding a nice modern touch to my cupboards. Easy to install and true to size. I never had a single screw that went in crooked or too tight. A great buy for the money and comparable to other handles I've seen at twice the price. Very pleased. Obviously, if you are worried about them being too lightweight, then go ahead and spend the extra 3 or 4 dollars to buy solid handles. Personally, I think these hollow handles look just the same as the expensive ones, and they are sturdy enough to hold up for many years. Thanks Probrico!" —Amazon Customer

    Get a set of 10 5-inch pulls from Amazon for $18.69+ (available in four finishes and 12 lengths).

    13. A sheet of stick-on sound dampeners so slamming cabinets don't expose you during your midnight snack raid. These little stick-ons act as cushions to silence the sound of cabinet doors closing.

    14. Vintage country life-themed peel-and-stick wallpaper for an instant interior design pick-me-up. And the best part is that you can apply it anywhere! Want to add a little charm to your bathroom? Check! Want to give your kitchen a cozy farmhouse feel? Double check!

    15. An automatic scrubbing brush that's an absolute game changer for scrubbing away the grout between your kitchen floor tiles with ease. You don't have to go full Cinderella mode with a manual toothbrush.

    16. A squeegee broom when it seems like fur is embedded into your carpet no matter how many times you vacuum. This durable rubber head also works on wood and linoleum to attract hairs with ease. Plus, it features a built-in squeegee, perfect for cleaning up any spills or messes your fur baby may have left behind.

    Reviewer using the squeegee brush to clean pet hair off of their carpet

    17. A flexible vent-cleaning brush designed to easily maneuver through the tightest spaces, preventing damage to your dryer and keeping it running smoothly.

    Reviewer's picture of the vent-cleaning brush next to a large pile of lint

    18. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets, because you wouldn't shower in a dirty bathroom, so why would you eat off of plates that were cleaned in a dirty dishwasher? Just pop these in and run a cycle like normal, then sit back while it scrubs away all the gunk and grime.

    Promising review: "My brand new LG dishwasher has stopped draining on several occasions. I recently noticed that there was an egg-ish odor and I had no clue how to fix this without hiring someone to come out for a service call and drop a minimum of $100. I bought this product, used once (put on very bottom of dishwasher) and ran without dishes. Very happy to see that the water was gone and my machine smells great. DEF worth buying because I think it unclogged pipes or something." —rebecca cohen

    Get a pack of six tablets from Amazon for $8.95.

    19. And some for your washing machine in case the same machine that you use to clean your undies and the pee-drenched doggy bed could use some TLC. Trust me, you won't regret it.

    20. A multipurpose cleaner that'll be endlessly useful all around the house. Think: floors, counters, walls, windows, tubs, sinks, literally any surface you can think of!

    three bottles of the cleaner in scents frankincense and myrth, sandalwood, and nag champa

    21. Light-dimming sheets made to cover overly bright LED lights on your appliances and power strips. No more squinting or shielding your eyes when you're trying to relax in your dimly lit room.

    22. A grill scrubber that doesn't require hours of elbow grease to remove BBQ remnants from last year's Fourth of July.

    Close up image of the scrubber cleaning a grill

    23. A jar of top-selling lemon-scented toilet bombs with the power to do the dirty work for you, bubbling away at that yucky ring until it disappears before your eyes.

    the jar and round toilet bombs